Battles are an opportunity to pit your cards against other decks.

Mage versus Mage (PvP)Edit

Battle - PVP
Mage versus mage battles load a selection of 10 potential opponents of varying levels and battle points. It is possible for no players to appear if there is no one in your battle point range. Rearranging your deck to change your battle points can help.

You must select your opponent carefully, if you choose one that is too far above you, you will likely lose the match which means you lose battle points and coins. If you choose too far below, you will win PVP points, coins and Exp, but you will not maximise the PVP points gained.

You can't repeatedly defeat the same player. After winning against a player, they will not appear to you again for 12 hours.

This is a great way to see how powerful or effective your deck is, and to look at other player's cards.

Before the battle, while in the Battle tab, you can tap a player's Creature icon to view the Creature. You can also view any Artifact the Creature is using. You can view the same information in the History tab.

Mage versus Creatures (PvE)Edit

Battle - NPC
Mage versus Creature battles load a specific Creature to be defeated which has it's own six card deck. The deck may vary in strength during different attempts to defeat the Creature.

If you lose the battle you lose energy points. If you win, you still lose energy points but you may gain cards, both Creatures and Artifacts, as well as gaining Coins, Exp and special event items.

The Gold Box slot introduced in Patch 1.4 drops Cards, Coins, Exp, Potions and Card Packs.

Looting Cards Looting - Coins Looting - Exp Looting - Battle Potion Looting - Card Pack

These battles must be won to advance through the game Regions and become progressively harder.

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