Beyond the Gate
Beyond the Gate: Part I is an event run by Spellstorm on Thursday, 16th May 5pm EST and ending on Sunday, 19th May 9:00pm EST.

It was quickly followed by Beyond the Gate Part II.


Travel to your home town of Weatherly where lies the inter-dimensional gate which houses the fearsome God Mantle. inspect the seal and collect Guardian Statues to earn exclusive rewards!

Composed of 25 Outside Weatherly levels with 4 Raid Boss levels (after 5, 10, 15, 20).

Each mission becomes progressively harder.

Raid Boss levels give the player 1 hour to defeat the Drakrill Mantle Raid Boss three times. Each battle earns extra Guardian Statues which contribute to Event Rewards.

One complete lap will give you approximately 225-275  Guardian Statues.


The Mages Council sends the player to Weatherly to meet up with Archamage Emila in order to learn about Pocket Dimensions and to check the status of the Dimensional Gate nearby. They quickly discover that a demon, Sir Halleal, has worked with the Fourth Dawn to open the gate to release the creatures trapped within in order to take revenge on Weatherly, since years ago a mage summoned and killed his brother. More and more Ethereal Magic leaks out of the gate into the world, warping it, as the mages and Halleal agree to work together to close the gate before the Manakros escapes, or the Ethereal Magic warps Grim "back to his natural shape." (Transcript)

Event CreaturesEdit

Rank AEdit

Drakrill Mantle-1 Lukine Mantle-1 Manakros-1
Drakrill Mantle Lukine Mantle Manakros

Rank BEdit

Fang Shrimp-1 Priomor ico Archmage Emilia-1
Fang Shrimp Priomor Archmage Emila

Solo Event RewardsEdit

Guardian Statue
Guardian Statues drop throughout the event missions. Collect them to earn Solo rewards.
25 500 Coins
50 1000 Coins
150 Free Pack
200 Battle Potion
225 Energy Potion, Battle Potion
250 Fang Shrimp (Rank B+)
325 Spell Pack x1
450 Drakrill Mantle (Rank A)

Rank Event RewardsEdit

Guardian Statue
Guardian Statues drop throughout the event missions. Compete against other players to collect the most Guardian Statues and earn Rank rewards.
Rank Reward
1-10 Manakros (Rank AA)
11-100 Manakros (Rank A+)
101-250 Manakros (Rank A)
251-500 Lukine Mantle (Rank A)
501-750 Spell Pack x1
751-1000 Priomor (Rank B+)
1001-2000 Energy Potion, Battle Potion
2001-3000 Battle Potion
3001-5000 2500 Coins
5001-7500 1000 Coins
7501-10000 500 Coins

Event PremiumsEdit

Pile of Shards
During the event various items are available for purchase.
Item Purchase
Gate Pack x1 300
Gate Pack x6 1500
Gate Pack x12 3000