• Nimrod001

    Event Preference

    August 7, 2013 by Nimrod001

    Which is your favorite type of event, Mission based or PVP based events?

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  • Nimrod001

    What is your favorite card text? 

    Mine might be the text from the A rank Auroch...

    "One doesn't train an Auroch. One points them towards one's enemies and gets out of the way."

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  • Ryzero

    Hey everyone!

    I just thought I would ask what everyone thought about the Outside Weatherly region being made permanent now. Do you think it fits well with the other regions /story? What do you think about the energy costs for each area? Do you like the new gold box loots?

    Feel free to share you thoughts, likes, or dislikes. :)

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  • Nimrod001

    I've been curious lately which cards people like most. Is it the Shadow Dragon or Krakon which have huge attack powers but are slow? Is it something like the Minotaur that doesn't have any abilities but is fast?  Please feel free to share your favorite cards.

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  • Ryzero

    Well, the new Blood Haven event has officially started! 

    Any thoughts? strategies? issues with event?

    What did all of you think of the new A card or the story for the event?

    Feel free to share :)

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  • Ryzero

    New Area - The Forge

    June 18, 2013 by Ryzero

    Well, seeing as how a new area has been added recently, I thought I would inquire everyone's thoughts so far about it.

    Any likes/dislikes? What does everyone think about the story arc that was added to it? Feel free to share your thoughts!

    Currently, I'm still progressing my way through it myself (Area #17 as I type this blog). Overall, the main thing that has me surprised is how optimistic Grim has been about Donnell Mickero throughout the journey so far. ;) The mage does not seem to be convinced though.

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  • RM2tm2

    Oh the horrors

    May 29, 2013 by RM2tm2

    This is now Day 4 that I've been unable to advance to area 60 of the Cut of the Colvik.

    Working like mad to farm artifacts and max out the current artifacts I'm using.

    Expect mass updates to the wiki as I level stuff.

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  • Samvara

    Creature Template

    March 20, 2013 by Samvara


    Do ppl have stong opinions on Creature naming conventions, specifically when there are a bunch of variants on the same base creature?

    eg: Elite Orc, Skilled Orc, Veteran Orc, & Orc.

    I'd like to put them all on the same creature page under "Orc" and list them as Orc, Orc (Elite), Orc (Skilled) etc.


    Cheers, Samvara

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