Desert Pearl
Desert Pearl
is an event launched by Spellstorm on Thursday, April 18th 6pm EST and ending on Sunday, 28th April 2013 8pm EST.


Composed of 50 Eternal Desert levels with 9 Raid Boss levels (after 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, and 45).

Each mission becomes progressively harder.

Raid Boss levels give the player 1 hour to defeat the Naga, Dusk Wraith or Undercity Feeder Raid Boss three times. Each battle earns extra Pearl Chips which contribute to Event Rewards.


The Mages Council sends the Player to Pearl to answer a vague request for help. Upon reaching the city, the Mage and Grim find Pearl is overrun by plants and Lamias. With the "help" of Listener Farzam, they battle their way through the city to confront the Speaker - the greatest known authority in Pearl, and the man who should be responsible for dealing with any such catastrophe. (Transcript)

Event Creatures

Desert creatures have a +25% Attack/Health Boost in Desert missions.

Rank A

Crazed Lamias AA-1 Dusk Wraith AA-1 Naga AA-1 Undercity Feeder-1

Rank B

Mender Disciple-1 MenderEnchantress-30 Pearlian Charmer-1 Shurk Elite-1 Valien Roc-1 Visher-1 Whispered-1 Wylding Barbarian ico

Solo Event Rewards

Pearl Chips drop throughout the event missions. Collect them to earn Solo rewards.
Pearl Chip
Pearl Chips Reward
20 500 Coins
50 1000 Coins
100 Forest Dragon (Rank C+)
150 1 Battle Potion
200 1 Energy Potion & 1 Battle Potion
250 1 Spell Pack
300 Valien Roc (Rank B)
750 Naga (Rank A)

Rank Event Rewards

Pearl Chip
Pearl Chips drop throughout the event missions. Compete against other players to collect the most Pearl Chips and earn Rank rewards.
Rank Reward
1-3 4 Undercity Feeder A+
4-50 4 Undercity Feeder A
51-100 2 Undercity Feeder A
101-500 Undercity Feeder A
501 - 750 Dusk Wraith (Rank A)
751 - 1000 Mender Disciple (Rank B)
1001 - 2000 Spell Pack x1
2001 - 3000 1 Energy Potion & 1 Battle Potion
3001 - 5000 1 Battle Potion
5001 - 10000 1500 Coins
10001 - 15000 500 coins

Event Premiums

Pile of Shards
During the event various items are available for purchase - ending 5th May.
Item Purchase
Desert Pack x 12 3000 Shards
Desert Pack x 6 1500 Shards
Desert Pack x 1 300 Shards

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