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Version 1.2Edit

1.2.1 - 7th December 2012

  • New missions and Battles
  • New Creature and Artifacts Cards
  • New PVP Leader Boards
  • See PVP stats in your Profile
  • New Region system

1.2 Patch A - 14th Dec 2012

  • Battle decks limited to two identical cards
  • Rank A and higher more Battle Point efficient.
  • Improved base stats and enhancement bonuses for Rank A and higher cards
  • Card balance adjustments

Version 1.3Edit

1.3 - 22nd December 2012

  • Daily leader Board Rewards for top ranked player
  • Support for PVE and PVP events.
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes
    • Chest drops now always reward cards
    • Can sacrifice max level cards

1.3 Patch A - 12th Jan 2013

  • Improved stats for Artifacts
  • Creature cards balance adjustments

1.3 Patch B - 19th Jan 2013

  • Greater rewards for higher level players
  • Fewer points for battling much weaker opponents
  • Increased rewards for higher BP deck battles

1.3 Patch C - 30th Jan 2013

  • Doubled Coin and XP rewards from Battle
  • Increased starting BP by 40
  • Decreased Coin costs for Skill Upgrades

1.3 Patch D - 6th February 2013

  • Attack and Health up by factor of 4
  • Mission ebergy costs adjusted

Version 1.3.1Edit

1.3.1 - 9th February 2013

  • Additional library sorting options (Attack, Health, Battle Points)
  • Mission box relocated
  • More support for PVP
  • Bug fixes
  • Performance improvements

1.3.1 Patch B - 21st March 2013

1.3.1 Patch C - 6th April 2013

  • PVP rewards formula adjusted: greater rewards if you beat someone stronger than you.

1.3.1 Patch D - 9th April 2013

  • PVP rewards formula adjusted: Level and Battle Points now determine victory points.

Version 1.4Edit

1.4 - 24th April 2013

  • Stats for max-enhanced "Skill" and "Veteran" Rank C cards have been reduced from 1.8x to 1.5x, in most cases.

1.4 Patch B - 3rd May 2013

  • Defensive victories no longer issues PvP points or coins. This means if another player attacks you, you will not receive PvP points or coins for winning

Version 1.5Edit

1.5 -

  • Magic orders (Abyssal, Ethereal, Primal) now have strengths and weaknesses against each other
  • Invite new friends to your Spell Ring for excusive rewards and combat bonuses
  • Support for new future abilities
  • Support for B and C evolutions in the future

1.5 Patch A - 23rd May

  • New Evolution Ranks. C and B cards are now evolvable.
  • Abilities now have Ranks (I, II, III and IV). Higher ranks have higher Proc chance.
  • Spell ring bonus increased to 5%
  • Beyond the Gate cards Priomor and Lukine Mantle stats adjusted.
  • Spectral Falcon ability temporarily removed due to bug.

1.5 Patch B - 

1.5 Patch C - 13th June

  • Previously announced Evolution, Ability, and Card changes rolled out.
  • Cumulative evolution coming in next update.

Version 1.5.1Edit

1.5.1 - 4th July 2013

  • Cumulative evolution introduced
  • New title screen
  • New loading screens with lore info
  • UI improvements

1.5.1 patch A

  • Some issues with game not working on Android fixed

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